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Donate Rules
Here you will find the rules for make a
Donate for ThunderOT.

Here you can donate for receive ThunderOT Coins. With ThunderOT Coins you can purchase a cosmetics ingame and Premium Account it provides additional abilities and advantages inside and outside the game for a certain period of time. For details about these benefits please read the list of current premium features.

Once the payment has arrived the ThunderOT Coins Will be added on your account.

Limitations, Rules

We inform players and contributors that ThunderOT has no financial interest. All income earned is directly re-applied to server maintenance - this means that by making a donation, you are ensuring stability and increasing the quality of the server.

The ThunderOT coins that are passed on to players who make the donations represent nothing more than our bonus, that is, you are not buying ThunderOT coins but receiving a symbolic bonus (in the form of coins) that benefits you in-game;

you can use your ThunderOT coins however you like. The spirit of this system is simple: in order to get closer to the players and make you feel at home, we understand your donation as a two-way street in terms of credibility. Believing that it is worth investing in server maintenance, we invest in you by crediting you with coins, which, as mentioned earlier, can be used in whatever way suits you best. By donating to ThunderOT, you understand and accept the following conditions:

1.1 The donor is aware that the donation cannot be returned (unless the server for some reason resets within 15 days), he accepts that he is not buying, but contributing, and as a bonus we will add Coins (virtual item) to the account. donor.

1.2 It is the player's duty to keep themselves safe, our team is not responsible for lost accounts or lost in-game items. The account is the responsibility of the player. It is extremely important that you register your account with a recovery key to increase your protection.

If you now want to order a ThunderOT Coins, please press on "Donate" and follow the steps.

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