Cast System - ThunderOT
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Casters in LIVE

Currently no one is casting on ThunderOT.

Como Usar / Bonus
Commands Description
!cast commands show commands
!cast on enables the stream
!cast off disables the stream
!cast password, password sets a password on the stream
!cast password off disables the password protection
!cast show displays the amount of current spectators
!cast help show commands
Watch a cast without password Login with 1/1 and select the character you want to watch
Watch a cast with password Login with 1/password and select the character you want to watch
CTRL + change casts without leave.
Reward by using the cast with no password
10% exp bĂ´nus
Monster of the Day Boss of the Day Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Server save
Server save in:

Train Skills Offline!

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